Hey! So just a quick thing about this next section of the website and blog:

I understand that the about section is commonly written in third person but, I just really can not bring myself to do it! We all know it’s me writing this, why do I need to act like I’m writing a biography on myself?

So, let’s get straight into it!

I was introduced to the world of writing through my mother whom worked several jobs, one of which was working as a freelance journalist for several American newspapers. This meant that I grew up in a home that was very supportive of finding a career in writing and the arts! This support really allowed me to unashamedly throw myself into literature and the arts entirely which really paved the way for me today.

As time went by, I was exposed to an array of different forms of writing. I grew a deep love for script writing (theater, radio & screen) and an obsession with writing table top rpg scenarios! I have basically, become a massive nerd and I absolutely love it.

Currently, I’m studying a BA in Creative Writing at Edge Hill University, managing an annual writing festival, co-creating a table top magazine and generally working on several projects alongside my academic career.

Due to my very specific world experience (being a gay, agender Arab/Briton) I try to reach out and speak to fellow minority audiences and writers. This is to promote the inclusion of minorities in all mediums and fight against the “one type fits all” protagonist archetype that seems to have grown so popular  I’m hoping this allows those whom feel alone  in their experiences of life (via sexuality, gender identity, race, national identity, etc) finally have characters they can look up to and enjoy reading about!

Outside of the writing world I tend to spend a majority of my time playing video / table top rpg games, catching up on several TV shows, sleeping and hanging around with my family, friends, dog and girlfriend.

To find out more about me, follow and message me on my social media! I’m always happy to speak to fans and other creators whether it be about writing or just life in general!

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Stay Perfect xx