Yasmine Walker grew up watching their mother work several jobs, one of them being a freelance journalist for many American newspapers. This experience got them interested in the notion of publishing and the idea of being able to publish a story of their own in the future, however, they only truly started to develop a strong interest in the literary world at the age of 12 when they discovered Keren David’s “When I Was Joe.” The book series grabbed them by the throat and dragged them through a world of adventure and horrors with the second and third books:”Almost True” and “Another Life”. After discovering their deep seeded love for books they ravished the fiction shelves of every library that they came across. This led to them discovering many of the books that have changed them as a person and as a writer, books which can be found on their bookshelf here

They are currently studying a BA in Creative Writing at Edge Hill University however after their degree they hope to pursue a career in any of the following fields: fiction, script, games writing or publishing. This is due to their growing love of and interest in learning to become a ‘Jack of All Trades’ in  the Creative Writing industry.

Due to their very specific world experience (being a gay, agendered Arab/Briton) they try to reach out and speak to fellow LGBTQIA+ readers and writers in order to not only make sure that the minority have more representation  but to also make sure that the people that are usually left behind don’t continue to feel alone in their experiences of sexuality, gender identity and national identity.

Outside of the literary world Yasmine tends to spend a majority of their time playing video games, catching up on some of their many TV shows and hanging around with their family, friends, dog and girlfriend.